Project ‘Escuela’

Through a comprehensive educational program that includes schooling in Hindi and English, support lessons and extracurricular activities, unprivileged children can opt to a better future. At the same time, social inclusion is promoted and the risk of child labour is reduced.

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This proyect is addressed to working children who have not enrolled in school, so that they acquire basic functional skills. It will be complemented in 2012 with vocational workshops in order to improve the job opportunities of these children.

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Project ‘Asha

Project ‘Asha‘ aims to break the cycle of poverty that surrounds the marginal communities of Bazaar Diya and Sigra suburbs and, through education, promote social inclusion and guarantee a life with rights and a decent future for their children.

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Nutrition and Healthcare

To ensure our children’s balanced growth and to control the malnutrition that many of them suffer, Seed for Change offers them a daily breakfast and lunch that supplements the deficient diet they often receive at home.

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